At WME, we understand that building and maintaining resilience across the public sector workforce is of critical importance to every Council especially during this difficult and challenging period. We need to support our employees, including managers, volunteers, students and those being re-deployed into new roles – particularly where they are now providing critical support.

So, we have the following offers that are webinars to support both employees and managers:

Ordinary Human Laughter is an online space where you can connect with people, share in the wonders of laughter and guided relaxation.  This hangout will give you an opportunity to: Recharge; Rethink; and Reimagine your world – right now!

Building Personal Resilience through Covid19 for all employees focuses on three key areas: Identify where you are in all of this; What you are doing to support yourself; and training your attention.

Maintaining Your Team’s Resilience and Mental Wellbeing through Covid19 will provide a focus to support managers during the current crisis not only on their own emotional wellbeing but the need to maintain that of their teams.

Sessions in the pipeline… Emotional Health – Coping through Covid19. So watch this space!